Director:  Rudi Mertens
Rudi Mertens, Jimmy Simons
Produced by: Eyeworks, Lunanime


What happens when your scrapbook doodles and collages come to life? A kid’s copybook bulges with doodles and cut-out illustrations. With the doodles, he makes comments on lessons and events at school. On the last page, he doodles Jim, Jam and Jippy. All is quiet inside the book until Jim, Jam and Jippy start moving. They are bored, so they travel to other pages, penetrating deeper into the wonderful world of doodles and fantastic landscapes in which everything comes to life. Jim and Jam try to make sense of all those new situations, but interpret the world in the copybook in their own slightly erroneous and naive manner. To our little doodles, a page from the copybook is like an endless desert, the edges of which they will never reach…


Running time:

Animation technique:
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action comedy (animation)
52 x 11′
2D computer
Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)